"It didn't take much money to have fun. We had a local theatre in Gresham. Ten cents to get in. I think 10¢ for kids and young people, and 15¢ for adults, something like that. And everything else was in proportion, of course.
     "When the second theatre built up, that was along about 1929 or 1930, when they came in, they eventually put in 'Talkies.' Well, that closed the other people because they were still silent, black-and-white. But, the first talkies that I recall that they had, the sound was not on the tape [or actually the film]. The sound was on a record over here, and then the tape over here. And sometimes they didn't synchronize. So, sometimes the sound didn't correspond with what was happening on the screen. [Laughter.] That was always an experience when that happened."

Walter Schmitt on Movies in Gresham


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