Question: "OK, tell me the truth. Tell me the truth about dating. What was dating like?"
     "Well, you know it was kind of fun. I think about it a lot. I had a wonderful husband. He was the sweetest thing on earth. But, you know, he lived here in York County, and I lived in Seward County. Well, we had to drive back and forth to get to see each other. At that time he had a Model A. And he drove that down there to see me until we got sick and tired of him driving back and forth. And so we finally got married [laughs] in '29."
     Question: "Can I ask an inappropriate question?"
     "Oh, God, what's that?"
     Question: "Was there necking when you were dating?"
     "Sure we did. We did neck. I remember, Chris and I, we found that old schoolhouse. And we parked the car along side that schoolhouse on the – It was kind of cold or something. And, yes! We necked like it was going out of style. [Laughs.] We did the whole works. Well I don't mean the whole works, but I mean – Anyway I loved him. I loved him to pieces. And he loved me."

Mildred Opitz on Dating & Necking

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