"Oh, I loved all kinds of music. I loved danceable music. I just loved all kinds of orchestra music. I loved – And polkas. I rather polka than eat. Just love doing that. But anyway, my dad, he taught me to dance. God, I just loved to go dancing. And he would go, but he wouldn't take my mom. I think he was jealous of her, she went up there and danced with somebody else or some darn thing. But anyway, he taught me to dance. And I remember one night we went to that little dance up there at this little town of Timora. And it was just a little banjo, a violin, and a drum and a piano or some darn thing. But anyway, it was about time to go home. And he said – we was almost to the door, ready to walk out – and he said, 'Well, there's a waltz. I got to go back here and get that gal and dance with her again.' So, he would dance rather than eat, just like me. I would too, I'd rather do that than eat."

Mildred Opitz on Dancing

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