"We have a nice auditorium here in town. When we'd have those, like Sammy Kaye, Guy Lombardo, and Lawrence Welk, all them bands would come in here. There was a lot of those guys down there could dance. I remember dancing with a lot of them. Chris [her husband] didn't like to dance like I did, but I loved it. Anyway, we had a nice auditorium. It was kind of a nice floor and everything. So we had fun."
     Question; "It's right over here right?"
     "Yeah, right. Exactly."
     Question; "So, Chris allowed you to dance with other people?"
     "Sure. I just did it. [Laughs.] 'Cause, get that music a-going, how you going to sit still? It's impossible. Absolutely impossible."

Mildred Opitz on Dancing to Jazz

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