"Well, you know something, I think now, kids growing up now, they couldn't begin to do what we did because they wouldn't know how to do chores. Milk cows. Have a garden. Do your canning. Freezing veggies. And chickens. And whatever. They don't know how to do things like that. There was a gal the other day, I was picking out a ham bone down there at the grocery store. She said, 'What do you do with that thing?' I said, 'Going to home and make some bean soup.' And she didn't even know what that was. That's for sure, they just don't know. Those were the good old days in a way, because we were all in the same boat, and we made our own fun. Go dancing, or square dancing. And play cards. And just things like that. And my husband, he was – And then we had a lot of chores to do, of course. And kids had their 4-H calves, and that sort of thing. In fact, that's what helped them get through the university and places like that. Money. Oh, God, I'll tell you. But I don't know. But like I say, I don't think kids could do that today. Everything is so technical, now. Computers and all, go push a button and get it on the computer."

Mildred Opitz on Kids Growing Up Today

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