"Lord, you know something, I was pregnant with my daughter in 1934. And we had a well pit. And here come this crazy cloud out of the west. It looked like a thousand tornados. And we all got so scared. And I thought, 'Well, if I get down in the well pit, maybe I won't blow away.' I made it, but it was not easy because I was – this was in the summertime and she was born in September. So, you see, I was big, big, big. But anyway, I lived through it. And then we thought, well, maybe we could make it over across the road because they had a cave, just lived right across the road from us. So, we run over there, and got over there, and this gal, we got to her, and she hadn't looked out the window to know this was coming. Anyway, her husband was down in the basement separating the milk. And she hollered at him, 'Come on up here, Carl, there's a tornado coming, or big wind storms, or something.'
     "And he said, 'Oh, shut up. there isn't either, nothing.' But he finally quit and we all got down in the cave.
     "My Lord, you opened the cave door, and it was just terrible. It was just black as night. It was terrible. People that didn't get there – And I didn't get all my windows closed or anything before we went over there. And, oh, the house was full of dust. Absolutely terrible!"

Mildred Opitz on the Worst Dust Storm

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