"When we tried to control them by poison. And the government provided poison in terms of, I don't remember what the poison was. But it was mixed up with sawdust. We got a bunch of that stuff and spread it out along the sides of the fields. It wasn't very effective at all. They also rigged up scoops to scoop up the grasshoppers and collect them in kind of a scoop arrangement. Of course, that was a waste of time as well. There wasn't much you could do. One thing my dad did, one year, was he decided he'd better harvest his oats early. The grasshoppers were going to eat it before he got it harvested. So he started. Back then we were using a binder. We'd cut the oats and bound it and made bundles out of it. He went around the outside of the field, and the grasshoppers just went ahead of him all the way around. [Laughs.] He'd have been better off if he'd have started out in the middle, I think, and worked out to the outside. I don't think he saved very much of his oat crop."

Stan Jensen on Controlling Grasshoppers

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