"I went to a Swedish Baptist church. Now we're talking about ethnic community also. We had a Danish community. We had a Swedish community. We had a Norwegian community. And we had a French community. Those are the four that I remember. Not many Germans in that area, like there are here. The church that I went to was a Swedish Baptist church, which was pretty unusual, not many Swedish Baptists in this country.
     "But my granddad on my mother's side was a, well, some sort of a – I don't know if they called them Baptists or not – but in Sweden that was the kind of a church he belonged to. And he was a lay preacher in that church. I like to tell my Lutheran friends about how my granddad was put in jail because he didn't belong to the Lutheran church in Sweden. And he insisted on going to the prayer meetings and they put him in jail. That was one of the reasons why he left Sweden."

Stan Jensen on Ethnic Communities

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