"Earnie Rupp was a John Deere dealer in Gresham, and he talked me into getting the FSA [Farm Security Administration] loan. Well, they didn't make the payments on the tractor, but they bought me the livestock. So, that's what we lived on. We milked cows, and some chickens, eggs, you know. We'd go to town with a can of cream and several dozen eggs. That's what bought out groceries. For my wife and I, if you bought $5 worth of groceries, that would last you a week. 'Course, we had our meat and stuff.
     "When I got that FSA loan, it was for a $1,020, and I looked at the check and thought, 'Oh, my God, I'll never on God's earth pay that off, you know.' And now, what's $1,000 now? Well, it really tied you down. But, yeah, they gave us some money to buy hogs. And I bought a team of horses, and I bought some milk cows so I could make a living anyway."
     Question: "Did they work with you? I mean did they – I know that part of what they were trying to do was to teach people how to do bookkeeping and all that kind of stuff."
     "Well, yeah. And they kind of taught us to do that. You had to keep a good book. Yeah."

Elroy Hoffman – Getting an FSA Loan


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