Question: "Cream and eggs, that was a real important part of the economy, part of your economy."
     "Well, that was about what everybody was living on. Took it to the Farmers' Union Creamery in Stromsburg. And when we went home sometimes at 10, 10:30, you'd still have – he didn't have a really big place – but the cans of cream that was to be tested yet was still out on the sidewalk. So, everybody did that. They'd stay open 'til midnight or after if you was to do business, you know, grocery stores and that. I know the first time we got groceries there they asked us if they should keep them, if we was going to the show. Well, we said, 'Are you going to stay open that long?'
     "'Oh, we'll stay open as long you got groceries.' [Laughs.]"

Elroy Hoffman on Cream and Eggs


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