"Well, the farming community has completely changed over. We had at least three houses on every section, you might say. It would average three and four houses on a section. I don't think we average two anymore. That has really changed, and the farming has changed from where we thought a quarter [of a section, 160 acres] was a man's, that's all the work he could do. And, now they farm, one man will farm a thousand acres of corn. It's a tremendous change. I can remember when they was, I always got the Nebraska Farmer when I was farming. And all the time in there, every time I'd get one – it was a weekly paper – 'You got to get bigger. You got to get bigger.'
     "And, I said, 'Boy, you shouldn't do that. You're going to ruin our towns and everything.' I was against it. But, everybody kept getting bigger and buying more land, and they're still doing it."

LeRoy Hankel on the Decline in Farms

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