"Everything was dirty you know, with dust blowing all over. And then in '34 when the dust storms started from the west at North Platte was what I was told. And I'll tell you that looked like the worst storm you ever saw. It was just a cloud coming right over, that's what it looked. And it was all black. I've heard up to 100 mile per hour wind. I don't know if it was that strong. Myself, I don't think it was. But a car stopped at Frazier's. He was driving ahead of it. He said, 'You know, that storm started behind me about North Platte.'
     "And he said, 'I outrun it until here.' And he said, 'I just had to stop.'
     "But the whole sky in the west, as far as you – just a black cloud. That's the way it looked. But it was all dirt and that's all we got out of it. We got all dirt. Dave Frazier had his truck sitting out in front of the store there and it even blew that about 30-40 feet – just right down the street."

LeRoy Hankel on the Power of the Wind

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