"We was living on it [a dollar a day wages]. We was giving $10 a month rent on the house and we was still living on that $20. I tell you, you could buy a lot of groceries for a dollar. I remember telling her, after we got married, I said, 'Now when we buy groceries and stuff whatever money you got, that's all we're going to spend. We're not going to spend – not going to charge it or anything. We're just not going to buy it.' And so that's the way we lived.
     "I can remember going to Bereuter [gas station] buying 25-cents worth of gas. That seems crazy now, don't it? But that would usually buy me two gallons of gas. Get me home and get me back to town.
     "We just lived from day to day, is what we done. We always had – as a rule we never had over 25, 30-cents in the house. And then we'd – Our eggs and cream we'd take to town and that would buy the groceries and buy the gas to go home with. That's the way we worked. And whatever – she just bought what she – I'll tell you, we lived on eggs and bread an awful lot."

LeRoy Hankel – Living on a Dollar a Day


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