"We bought a new combine in '38 without any money, I don't know if you believe that, cross my heart. In '38, we had a fairly decent wheat crop. And Ross and I were selling combines. I had been running a combine for Harold Lerrer for a couple years before that. And Dad and I thought, maybe we would get a combine. Eight-hundred dollars, we paid for a five-foot Allis Chalmers combine. And he sold 30-some combines that year, no money down. And he just brought it out to the farm. Never really said a word, just left it set. And we went and kind of advertised it, that we [were] going to do custom work. And we, you know, we combined all of July. We combined wheat, and we had that combine almost half paid for when we got through. We started hearing the other day about that. We combined all of July, and we combined - About seven o'clock in the morning, we'd get going because, see, no matter how dry it is, there's a little bit of moisture in the evening. And we combined a lot of times until midnight. And every night, Harry and I got four or five, six hours of sleep at night. And we was the two that was running it, and we run it for a whole month. See, a lot of wheat went down on account of the, it got so big, and that combine would just go riding under there, and just pick up the, it was one of the best combines made at that time."

leRoy Hankel on Combines


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