"I did start banking when I started farming. I don't think I told you that. I borrowed $300 and bought a plow and I bought a running gear and I built my own rack on that. And I bought a $10 lister that was real good. I bought a Go-Dig for $10."
     Question: "So a Go-Dig, what would a Go-Dig do? What was its function?"
     "Well, you had two discs on each row that threw the dirt out, or either in. And, you had a shovel beside each one of them. You had four shovels – two shovels on each row. That would go right beside the row. And, when you wanted to pull it in, you'd turn the disc around and pull the dirt in. And then you'd lay it by with another cultivator."

LeRoy Hankel on Buying Equipment


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