"They had a little money, but John said, 'One day, there wasn't nothing.' And his mother was always crying. And he couldn't figure out. And his dad said that the banks had shut. If he'd have went over there the day before, or even that morning, he might have gotten his money out. But, he waited around until lunchtime. Everybody kept saying, 'Jack, you better get over to the bank. I hear they're going to close. They're closing on people if you aren't getting your money.' So, he mossied over. He said, 'Sure enough. There was a big sign on the bank, [that said] closed. And people were lined up outside screaming and crying and mad and everything.' He said he just looked at all of them. He said, 'Well, that means I'll have to work even harder, now.' So he just turned around and went back to work. He said, there wasn't nothing for him to do. He said, 'Standing there crying isn't going to help.' Yeah, that was the big Depression when everything fell in."

Birdie Farr on the Bank Closings


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