"And there was another John Berry over there on 16th Street, just up on the other corner from Farr's. He was a baseball [player]. He played professional baseball. He played Kansas City and Chicago [actually St. Louis] and around. I don't know how he ended up in York, but he liked it here. I think they went around playing ball in a lot of small towns at that time because he found York and he liked it. He told me he was married, but he said he went to play baseball where his wife was from, Chicago. So he was down in Kansas City playing a game, and he didn't get back for over a week, for about a week. And he said when he came back the house was empty and she was gone and the house was gone - I mean, everything in the house was gone. So, he just folded up and quit playing ball and just stayed in York."

Birdie Farr on Baseball


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