"Oh, Louie [Eckart, the Sheriff], you'd have to know him. Louie was just as down to earth, and he was just one of your good ole boys. He was the sheriff like Mayberry. [Laughs.] He was. I'm not kidding, he was. He would take the boys out of jail over here at our courthouse. And they could go for breakfast over to Hesteds. He let them go over to Hesteds because they had a restaurant in there. And he let them go over to Hesteds, and he'd say, 'All right boys, go on over to Hesteds and have a bite.' Or he'd say, 'You go over and get a haircut.' And John [Birdie's husband] talked to all the boys.
     "Well, he says, 'Aren't you afraid them boys are going to leave?'
     "And he said, 'Nah, I ain't worried.' He says, 'They're OK.'
     "And John asked the guys once when they were coming out from getting a haircut. He said, 'How come you guys, you guys ever think of running away?'
     "They said, 'Oh, no, we'd never do that to Louie. He's nice. No, we'd never do that to him.' I tell you, like I said, he run it like Mayberry because they could go get their haircut and come back over to the jail and go back in and get locked up. And I thought that was hilarious. [Laughs.] But that's York! You know, we're just easy-going people. Back there then, it was just easy going. Nobody worried about anything much."

Birdie Farr on Sheriff Louie


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