"In the 30s, we didn't go to shows. Like now they got to go to a show and they got to go to this and that. We had other friends. Most of the time it was a double date. We had somebody else with us. And we just had fun. We would drive into York and drive around. And then we might stop and get a hamburger. While we were dating we would stop and go in and have a hamburger either with the two of us or maybe there was four of us.
     "But I remember we got married in '34 and, believe me, we couldn't afford to go in and buy a hamburger. I went and I always bought a piece of round steak. And then I asked the fellow in the store to grind it for me. You know they were so different at that time back in the butcher department. And he'd grind it for me. And then I'd take it home and fry a hamburger after we got home."

Carla Due on Dating & Driving Around


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