"I didn't care what the church said. I like to dance. [Laughs.] Nah, I didn't take that to heart. I thought that was silly. But, my husband never danced. He just never – He wasn't one of those that were brave enough to go out and do whatever. You know, that's what most of them did. And, of course, as I grew up, we all learned to dance. We had our dancing school in Denmark. They wouldn't think of not teaching their youngsters to dance. So, I - Well, he just didn't dance. And he was 45 when I said, 'That's enough of that now. Now we go to the Arthur Murray School in Lincoln, and you learn to dance.' And I thought he would have divorced me the first thing in the morning when I said that. But he didn't. He was glad to go. And I say, 'You are better off. You have never been on the dance floor and did all the wrong things. Now, they can teach you the right way and you're better off.' And I thought, he'll never go. He'll just get mad at me. But he went. And honestly, sometimes when I thought I'd had it for that weekend he was going dancing. He was worse than I was after he learned to dance. He just couldn't stay home. He just had the best time. "

Carla Due on Dancing Lessons


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