"Oh, I didn't want to be [on the Board] and Maud Perry and Emma Ulser came up to me and said, 'We need you on the Board of Education.'
     "And I said, 'I've never run for anything in my life, and I'm not about to start.'
     "But they said, 'OK, if you'll do this, we'll tell all your friends just to vote for you and nobody else.' So of course I was elected. So I was on the school board for quite a number of years.
     "Oh, it was interesting to me. John used to say that I spent more time with Mr. Fryer [the superintendent] than I did with him, because in those days it was more hands-on type of thing. We would interview the teachers… Right. Oh, we did. I would go over the, even some of the planning of what they were teaching and that kind of thing. It was much more personalized. It wasn't computerized at all."

Louise Dougherty on the Board of Education


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