"We went out to California. Thought we'd move out there, you know. That was in '41. We thought maybe we could get work out there. But, my husband didn't like that either, so then, we came back. We were out there six months, I guess. But, we didn't give up our farm. We kept the farm. Of course, his dad owned the farm."
     Question; "So, you were renting from his dad?"
     Question: "That must have been a desperate time, then, for you to consider giving it up, after all that you'd been through."
    "It was a desperate time. We debated on it a lot because we had two kids, and I didn't want to take them out of school. And so we set out there and debated about it for a long time. And then, we sold our cows, you know. When we come back, we had to buy a cow. So, it wasn't a happy time. Then we got ten cents a dozen for our eggs. And you know, you'd get 12 dozen, you don't get much money. And then, our cream, we'd take cream to town and that would pay for our, [that would] buy our gas for the car. And so that's the way you lived. My husband went to Iowa to pick corn one year."

Helen Bolton on Moving to California


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