"When I was in the CCC camp, well, that one night we left Pawnee City and we got into Beatrice. And we got into Beatrice, three of us thumbing. Well, three of them, that's pretty hard to get a ride. So, the kid that his dad and mother run the Bandbox Cleaners here in York, he said, 'I'll go on ahead.' And then us two, we'd stay back you know. Well, so we stayed back and the other kid he walked ahead you know. He was about a quarter mile ahead of us. Car stopped and picked him up and he was gone. We walked and we walked and we walked. Finally a guy came along and picked us up. He was about three-fourths shot. He took us into Lincoln."
     Question: "What do you mean, three-fourths shot?"
     "Drunk. But we rode with him 'cause it was cheaper than walking. So he said, 'Where are you going?'
     "We said, 'We're going to York.' So he took us clear out on West O Street you know. Dumped us off, 'cause he had to see somebody in Lincoln. Well, so we started walking. No cars. Guess who come along? Same guy picked us up. He dropped us off in Seward."
     "The same drunk guy?"
     "Yep… And this was about 3:00 o'clock in the morning, and we was getting tired. So, we had seen where there was fresh straw piles. The guy had just threshed his grain you know. So, we went over there and we were going to sleep there. So we went and slept on the one side of the bridge. So the next morning we got up and got up on top and, by George, we got a ride right into York. So we went right down there to the Bandbox Cleaner. Wanted to know where the boy was.
     "'Well, he didn't come home.'
     "'Yes, he did,' [we said. 'He was way ahead of us.' By George, it wasn't but a couple hours later he finally got into town. He was sleeping on one side of the bridge, and we was sleeping on the other side. [Laughs.] That's how we got home. But we could never get a ride – nobody had a car. So, we walked.

Delbert Apetz – Hitchhiking


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