"A lot of times that Oklahoma dust dropped clear here in York… It was just a red dust, like what you get out of Enid, Oklahoma and through there. I mean, the storm come up, wind storms. The Russian thistles, they would roll. Boy, me and Alvin, we burned [them]. I don't know how many times we done that. They'd pile up against the fence. The farmers would hire us guys to go with a pitchfork to lay them out there in the field and set them on fire."
     Question: "What was the problem with them piling up against the fence? So what?"
     Delbert Apetz: "They'd break down, break the fence down. You know, get too many of them in there and then the post breaks off, and the cattle would get out. You'd have to keep that open, you know."
     Alvin Apetz: "Not only that, but it collected the dust. It would cover the fence."

The Apetz Brothers on Dust


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