"H. R. Stuart, used to call him "Railroad Stuart." He had a brother over there and he went back over to visit him. And also Henry Stuart went over at the same time. While they were visiting over there, why Dad was working for this Railroad Stuart's brother on the farm. And he asked Dad, he said, 'Would you like to come to America?' And Dad said, 'You bet I would.' … He just wanted to come over to see America. His Dad had previously come over and got as far as New York. And then they told him there were wild people over here in the Midwest, and he didn't want to go any further. That's as far as he came."
     Question: "So your grandfather went to New York and stayed in New York?"
     Alvin Apetz: "Well no, he just came over and when he found out there were wild people over here in the west, why he went back."
     Question: "What did they mean by wild people?"
     Alvin Apetz: "Probably Indians."
     Delbert Apetz: "Indians."

The Apetz Brothers – Immigrating to America


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