"A big huge, threshing machine. It took 12 [hay] racks to keep it running. Of course, it was a huge old steam engine that run it. The man that run that, if you happened to be threshing at your place, he'd come before breakfast. And he would fire up that steam engine so he'd get enough steam so he could run that day. And then you had to, the ladies had to feed him and the man that run the separator breakfast. And then of course, they had to feed all them hungry men at noon. And there would be, well, there'd be 12 running the racks and there would be some hauling the grain away and the ones on the separator. There wasn't any place that I knew of that had a table near big enough to hold everybody. So, they had two tables at dinner time. One group would go in and then another group would go in. The poor ladies, they sure had to work hard to feed all those."

Harvey Pickrel - Threshing machines

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