"I remember one year that I always remember because this one happened to me. I suppose I was maybe 15, I don't remember. My Dad says, 'Now,' – we had a big hill between the field and our barnyard – he said, 'I just sharpened that disc, I had somebody come along and sharpened that disc.' And he said, 'Don't put it in the ground because there's rock there and it'll dull it.'
   'OK,' I said. Well, it didn't have anything in the tongue line to hold it back. So, I went down that hill. And the single tree is what the horses are hooked to; it hit the horse on the heel. And that one jumped. And then when that one jumped, the other one jumped. And then they started to run. They were running down hill as hard as they could run. Your disc flies up at each end when you got to going too fast. I done like Dad told me, I just threw the lines that we hold onto to guide them with. I bailed out. I just went over backwards. Well, they run on down the hill, and there were two big cottonwood trees there. There was room for the two middle horses to get between the trees, but the others couldn't get between. So, when they got down there, they left the disc there all right, but the harness was just tore all to pieces. And they run on down a half mile. Dad had to go round them up, and of course spend a few days repairing the harness so he could go back to work again."

Harvey Pickrel - Wild horses


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