"We did have automobiles that we drove, so we could drive the tractor all right. But to learn how to run it, and run the machinery behind it, we had to make over all the horse- drawn machinery. A blacksmith would usually help us on that. We would put a hitch [on the old machine] so we could pull it with a tractor. And we didn't have machinery to buy right away to go behind it. If they did have, we couldn't afford it. So, we would makeover the old horse-drawn machinery so we could pull it behind the tractor. [The tractor] was quite a change… My dad, he had worked horses all his life and [the tractor] didn't stop when you hollered 'whoa'… You know you'd sit on [the tractor] and you'd forget what you was doing, and you'd just get too close, and you'd run through the fence… Horses would come to the end and they knew enough to stop. They knew what to do."

Harvey Pickrel - Tractors were a big change


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