"We got up by daylight every morning. First thing you'd do, you had to go down and get the horses in to feed them and get them ready to go to the field. Then you had to go, we had two very large barns. We would go over to the cow barn and get the cows in, and we'd milk four or five cows. We'd milk them. Then, we'd bring that milk in and we'd separate it, get the cream out of it. Of course, the skim milk, we didn't drink that. That went to the pigs. We always didn't think that was fit to drink. We had a little cream with ours. So, then we would go in and have breakfast. Then, it was time to go down and harness the horses, get ready to go to the field. Took quite a while for the horses to get in and get their grain and hay eaten. They put in pretty long days."

Harvey Pickrel - Harvey's daily chores


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