"If someone had pneumonia or a cold, you put poultices on them. It would be like a mustard plaster or something that would radiate heat – put a lot of heat, wring out hot things, cloths, in order to generate heat on their chest or steam in their head. You know, to open that up. No antibiotics. A lot of people died. My brother had diphtheria when he was a tiny child. Oh, I remember the high fevers. And we just would keep wringing out cloths and putting cool cloths on him to try to bring his fever down… A lot of towns had their own doctors. Benedict had a Dr. Carr, and they could come out to the places, you know, for childbirth or for broken legs, or what have you. Every little town did have doctors, but they just didn't have the technology or the medicines."

Norma Ehlers - Treating sicknesses


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