"I can remember shelling peas and, oh, making pie crusts, and oh yes, we helped with peeling potatoes and helped with planting potatoes. I though it was kind of an interesting time. In the spring you would take the potatoes that you had kept over winter, put them in a cave so they would stay relatively firm until spring. But then as spring came along they would start to get eyes that would sprout on the potatoes. So then we would bring those up from the cave and would cut them in pieces so there would be one eye – you know the little holes on the potato, I don't know if you know what an eye is – so you would have an eye that would be cut. So, then the potato would end up in maybe eight pieces. My dad would plow the ground and then we would each have our little sack of potatoes, and we would plant them, oh, 18 inches apart, a potato. And then, he would come by and cover them up. This would be March and April that you would do this. Lots of times you would plant your potatoes by Good Friday they used to tell us, but that would be kind of early this year. You would cover them up and wait for them to get a little growth on them. Then we would put straw over the top so weeds didn't grow among them. And then about the Fourth of July you'd go out and you'd try to find if there were potatoes growing. They'd be little, small potatoes. And then my mother would take them in, and we would have creamed potatoes and peas. It was the most delicious, oh, we just looked forward to our first creamed potatoes and peas. And I suppose we had fried chicken. It was a special occasion to have that time of year come around, just to see the things grow in the garden."

Norma Ehlers - Planting potatoes


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