"My land and my home means so much to me. It isn't just a house and it isn't just some dirt out there that we put some seeds in it's, – Oh, it's living, it's a part of me. My grandparent's blood, sweat and tears went into that and my dad's and now my husband's and son's and grandson's, you know. It all, we've stepped on every bit of this land and have put the seed into it in faith that it will grow. And to see it from spring to fall the crop mature and be harvested and to be used as food or to be put back in the ground as seed to grow again and to feed us all. Oh, God's plan is so, so tremendous and I just like to be a part of that. It just fills my heart to – Oh, it's so exciting."

Norma Ehlers - My land means so much to me


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