"We had a well, and when the wind blew it would pump it. And then my granddad had built this house, and they had a water tank in the basement. And, we had an air pump to pump that thing up with that'd kind of keep the pressure up. So, the water would come up from the basement into the bath and the sinks. But, lots of times when the wind didn't blow you went down to the well, and you pumped your own water and carried it back and forth for mother. Many a times we didn't have any wind, so the only way the pump run, it was by the windmill. The windmill was to pump the water from the tanks. In those early days, they didn't have motors or pump jacks to run the pump. It was later on. Lots of people still didn't have them yet in the 30s."

Hollis Miller - Windmills


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