"You had to do it regularly. You should do it about the same time every morning and again at night. You milked twice a day. Their bags usually filled up with milk pretty good. You could see that they had milk in their bags and then you could – their teats, the milkers, you could just take a hold of them, squeeze and pull down. You went like this, one on this side and kind of rhythm. You usually milked one front [teat] and one back one at the same time. And change and milk the other front one and the back one. And after it quits coming easy why you'd take your thumb and finger and keep stripping till you didn't get milk anymore. And then you quit. But if you only milked a cow half way and went off and left her, why in two or three days she'd be dry. She'd quit producing milk if you didn't take it regularly… I used to sing 'Long Way To Tipperary' and songs like that. Old fashioned songs [while milking]… Cats used to line up, and you used to squirt milk in the cat's mouth, too. They were always on hand for a milking because we fed them. Always had a cat pan and just give them some fresh milk when we fed them. So they were always sitting there. And if you'd squirt milk, they'd get up there, and you could squirt it right into their mouth."

Kenneth Jackson - Milking the cows


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