"We had some corn, we had wheat, we had oats, maybe barley. If we'd have a dry year sometimes we'd raise more wheat than corn. Next year maybe the wheat would maybe burn up or the frost would get it. Frost would sometimes get it. If wheat wanted to sprout, and then we'd get zero weather sometimes, wheat would freeze and you were out of a crop. But if you had oats yet, we'd sow oats a little later. Usually in March we'd sow oats. That was not as good as a cash crop, but it was the feed crop. Well then we'd plant corn, and then if we had pretty good corn, then at least we'd have that crop. Or, if it got too dry maybe the wheat, maybe the wheat, then the corn didn't. It was – you didn't have all your apples in one basket, they would say."

Albert Friesen - Choosing crops to plant


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