"Us young kids were bundle haulers. Our dads supplied us with a hayrack and a team of horses, and we'd go out and pick up shocks and load our wagons as high as our pitchfork could reach. [Then we'd] go in and then one hayrack on each side of the feederhouse. The one side was the belts so you were right up against that belt. Your horses were up there and you kind of went, you got up to where you stopped, well you just kind of swung them out so they didn't, they'd stay there while you pitched off one bundle at a time into this feeder… The women then would always bring out tea and maybe sandwiches mid afternoon and maybe iced tea or lemonade or something like that. And then the women, it was kind of a contest from all the women putting up a big meal at noon, you know, but they worked together, too."

Clyde Ehlers - Working on the farm


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