"As girls we didn't have to do anything in the morning before school. We just got ready and took off. But at night, fill the cob baskets, several cob baskets. And it wasn't too bad when we had nice corncobs in the corncrib, but when they were gone, we had to go to the hog pen and pick up the hog pen cobs. That wasn't too much fun. But we did several [chores]. We helped to feed the chickens, gather the eggs… The corn they picked by hand with wagons, the team pulling the wagon. And it seemed like the horses knew when to move on, you know. My dad could keep up with any of the help that he had. He was a good corn picker -- a fast one. I sometimes went out, but it was just for the fun of it. I didn't have to do it. So I learned to use the peg."

Merna Bailey - Working on Merna's farm


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